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Katie LeDoux - Sunflower Grant Writers

Katie was recently featured in a fantastic profile by Andy Williams in Edge Magazine. She talked about the beginnings of Sunflower Grant Writers and how she works to help clients.

Katie LeDoux can see the meaningful fruits of her team’s labor when she strolls through a beautified downtown Omaha, when she visits a south Omaha boxing club, or a store for foster kids to shop for free clothes. Since launching her Sunflower Grant Writers firm in 2020, LeDoux has helped secure over $1 million in grants for all types of organizations—small and large, nonprofit and for profit—with worthwhile wish lists that include arts programs for kids, city development, and health care expansion.

“It’s so rewarding,” said LeDoux, who moved to Omaha in 2017 and has made hundreds of business connections since then. “So many people that we work with have these incredible ideas and passions for what they want to do to make the world a better place. It’s an incredible feeling to tap into what they’re doing and be a small part of the good they’re accomplishing. Sometimes I feel like I won the lottery to get to do what I do.”

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2 responses to “Sunflower featured in Edge Magazine”

  1. Paula Mirgan Avatar

    Do you do grant for capital improvement or for a building for a small non profit foster family agency? We have purchased the property

    1. Katie LeDoux Avatar

      Hi Paula! Thanks so much for reaching out! The answer is yes, we do. I just sent you an email. Thank you!


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