Is Grant Writing a Good Career?


Summer is in full swing and some of us are already thinking about heading back to school soon.
It’s 39 days to the start of the NFL season for those of you who may be counting down such a

I Googled: “Is grant writing a good career” this morning and this was the answer I got: “If you
are a passionate individual seeking to support important movements and foster community, a
career as a grant writer is incredibly rewarding.” That made me truly happy. It is incredibly
rewarding! My team and I love being able to help our clients reach their goals and build
community, and if we can help you with something important to you, please let us know. There
is still plenty of time in the year to get a grant funded. Give us a call.


American Artist Appreciation Month
Family Fun Month
August 14 – National Financial Awareness Day
August 17 – National Nonprofit Day


Even grant writing that produces the highest quality proposals might not be selected for

It’s easy to blame the grant writer if proposals are not getting funded. However, while grant
writing is extremely important, even the best grant writer cannot guarantee the proposal will
be awarded funds. 

This can happen for many reasons, such as not being in perfect alignment with the funder’s


Make sure that your budget makes sense and adds up.

Believe it or not, many proposals are submitted every year with basic math errors, which
automatically undermines the organization’s credibility.


Don’t ask if you need the funding. Ask if you are ready and able to commit to the potential
project and have the staff and resources available to manage it.



An important Foundation in the Omaha area. Funding is determinded on a rolling basis.


Formed in 1986, The Lozier Foundation is a family foundation funded by Allan and Dianne
Lozier. The foundation’s focus is education, social services and issues involving women and
children with an emphasis on the inner city and underrepresented populations.

Allan Lozier began working for his family’s business, a precursor of Lozier Corporation, at the
age of 14. Today, the Lozier Corporation, where Allan has served as president or chairman of
the board since 1960, is the largest manufacturer of store fixture systems in the country. The
company has grown from 25 employees in 1956 to its current 2,500 employees and is
headquartered in North Omaha where its largest facility is located.

Allan had a strong commitment to helping women and children, the North Omaha community
and Omaha area health and education organizations. He served on the boards of College of
Saint Mary, Girls, Inc., Bellevue University and Nebraska Methodist Hospital, where he served
for more than 30 years and as chairman for a number of those years.

Dianne Seeman Lozier is corporate counsel for the Lozier Corporation. Before moving to
Nebraska she was associate general counsel and vice president of Quality and Risk
Management for Health One Corporation in Minneapolis. Dianne is an active advocate for
women and girls and education. She has been a board member of and/or chaired the Women’s
Fund, Girl Scouts, College of Saint Mary, and the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

Under her leadership, the Women’s Fund produced “Can We Stop the Violence in Omaha,”
which defined the widespread incidence of domestic violence in the community. This report led
to the founding of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council of Greater Omaha (DVCC). As
vice-chair of The Lozier Foundation, she has led the development of Nelson Mandela Elementary, an independent, nonprofit elementary school serving high-poverty scholars in the North Omaha area.

Funding Priorities

  • Education 
  • Women & Girls
  • North Omaha Initiatives 
  • Human Services

Funding Eligibility

The Foundation prioritizes organizations that support urban areas and underrepresented
communities and wherever Lozier has a corporate footprint.

Organizations may receive general operating, program, and capital grants. While The Lozier
Foundation prefers to provide ongoing general operating support, organizations can receive a
program and/or capital grant in the same calendar year.

Organizations typically excluded from funding:

  • Endowments
  • The Arts
  • Organizations outside of the Lozier corporate footprint
  • Organizations that proselytize before providing services

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