Sports and Grants Madness!

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March is here with a sunny and warm splash in Nebraska! I think the groundhog got it right this year and we may actually be in for an early spring. I especially enjoy the anticipation of things growing again this time of year and I love listening to and watching all of the birds come around the house during the day. We have this amazing thing called a “Bird Buddy” that captures pictures and videos of birds stopping to grab a snack and it is truly mesmerizing.

Another thing that can be a big deal for some people in March is March Madness – the annual NCAA college basketball tournament. In my family we have a long tradition of playing for a coveted trophy. I love watching the games with my husband and seeing the upsets and buzzer beaters. It’s a great time of year. I recently learned that the free throw line is sometimes referred to as the charity stripe because foul shots are being “given” to a player. I love fun, albeit largely useless, facts like this.

And speaking of March Madness reminds me there are so many great grants available for sports opportunities, especially those geared towards disadvantaged youth.

For example, USA Lacrosse grants were just announced this week. These national grants are designed to reduce barriers to participation, increase inclusivity, and fuel growth in communities throughout the country by awarding equipment, financial support, and educational opportunities.

It’s a great time of year to be thinking about summer sports and how you will fund those important programs in your community. Give it some thought while you are watching your bracket go down in flames.

Hello March

Do you need a grant for any of these unique opportunities?

March 1 – World Music Therapy Day – grants for music and the arts.

March 2 – National Read Across America Day – grants for libraries and schools.

March 8 – International Women’s Day – grants to support women centered issues.

March 19 – National Certified Nurses Day – grants for medical care.


Make sure you are presenting information according to the prescribed format asked for in the grant application. Don’t get too fancy and try and answer other questions at the same time, or put your information somewhere else you think it could belong. Just stick to the format and you will be fine!


Provide accurate and honest information, including candid accounts of problems and realistic plans to address them. People want to hear real information based in fact and this is your chance to do that.


Follow up! It is a great idea to follow up with a funding source after you have applied for a grant. This gives you a chance to make a personal connection and to ensure that the funding source doesn’t need anything additional regarding your application.


In the month of March, if you secure grant writing services with Sunflower and mention the code SOLISTICE, you will receive 50% off of your first hour of the grant production process!


Applications for Mayor Jean Stothert’s Neighborhood Grants program are now being accepted for 2024 projects.

Proposals must focus on projects to improve public safety, enhance public spaces and neighborhood livability, impact the environment, and/or strengthen neighborhood relationships.

Mayor Stothert has awarded grants to Omaha neighborhood associations annually since 2014, totaling $685,000.

“I am proud to help neighborhoods develop projects and programs that share our goals,” said Mayor Stothert. “We can do many great things together to make our neighborhoods strong and safe for everyone.”

Neighborhood organizations must be registered and listed in the City of Omaha Neighborhood Directory by March 8, 2024 to be eligible. The application deadline is 4:00 p.m. March 11, 2024.

This is an exciting, inclusive grant opportunity!

Call or email us at

That is all for now! Stay hopeful and passionate! 

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